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Inner Peace

by Cori Read | Jan 21, 2017

Your life is sacred.

You have a vision, a purpose, and desires.

Yet, somehow, anxiety has invaded your life and is preventing you from experiencing the life you desire… [read more]

Hi, my name is Dr. Roxanne Schreiber. I’m a licensed psychologist and I have been in private practice for 15 years. Cori is a very close friend of mine, and I just wanted to endorse her product and endorse her as a colleague. Her integrity is amazing. The biggest thing you will find in working with Cori is her heart and her commitment to you, because she’s gone through her own personal journey in battling anxiety. She really truly wants to help others who have gone through the same thing or are going through the same thing. She’s an extraordinary human being. I highly endorse her and her work and I’m excited that she is putting this out into the world. Thank you.

Dr. Roxanne Schreiber

Licensed Psychologist

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