Internal Peace

by | Jan 21, 2017

Your life is sacred.

You have a vision, a purpose, and desires.

Yet, somehow, anxiety has invaded your life and is preventing you from experiencing the life you desire. Perhaps anxiety has hijacked your comfortable thoughts and replaced them with worry, fear, shyness, and a myriad of body sensations that are most uncomfortable.

Well, I have some good news for you. If you have anxiety, disturbing thoughts, or a fear-filled life, you can change the way you feel. You can recover and transcend anxiety. The goal is full recovery!

You have an incredible brain and it can be re-wired to do just about anything, including helping you feel calm, joyful, peaceful, and positively engaged in all realms of your life.

Are you ready to feel internal peace in your daily life and work? To feel safe. To venture out without worry. Are you ready to wake up and feel free from worry and be able to go do whatever you want? Perhaps, go for a bike ride with a friend and then stop at a quaint coffee shop for a cup of coffee and light-hearted conversation? Or, take a walk around the lake with your soul mate and plan your vacation getaway. Can you imagine how productive your work day will become? And, that you can finally focus and be productive when not worrying? Imagine that promotion? How will that feel to be the one up front receiving praise for the talent you have inside of you? When you no longer are carrying around your fear, how light and free and creative will you become? Your inner spirit will be released and you will be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish. Your wholeness will be restored.

How will it feel to connect deeply with people—your soul mate, your children, your co-workers?

I know full recovery to be true. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over 30+ years. Once I learned not to resist and fight anxiety, I no longer felt powerless, stuck, or consumed by the fear of it. Most importantly, I could look into the eyes of my 4 year old daughter and say, “What should we do today?” and I knew that I could go be with her and be fully present. No worry, agitation, or sense of doom following me, anymore. Just the opportunity to watch her experience the joy of chasing a dragonfly or to sit quietly with her without having to reel in my worried, distracted mind. I had my life back and it is better than ever! You, too, can have your life back!






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