“Transcend It” Coaching Application

Schedule a Consultation with Cori:

If you are wondering how Transcend Anxiety Coaching can help you achieve your goals, a FREE consultation call is your first step!

  • A consultation offers you a chance to experience a sample of what coaching is like, so you can determine if it could benefit you.
  • I will send you a few questions for you to consider before our call surrounding your experiences with anxiety and what expectations and results you are seeking.
  • During our time, you may ask questions of me, as well.  Our conversation will provide you with a better understanding of coaching.
  • I will offer some tips you can use, right away, that will allow you to move forward.
  • Consultations will take place over the phone.
  • Best of all, the consultation is offered at no cost to you.
  • There is no obligation.

To schedule your call, please select a date on my calendar:

Or, email me at Cori@BrainGearz.com to schedule your consultation!

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