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Shift Your Response and Transcend Your Anxiety!

Free yourself from the shackles of anxiety. Receive my personalized and private guidance. I desire for you to reconnect with your essence of inner calm and empowered living. It is inherently within you. We just need to nudge the clouds that are masking your brilliant blue sky. I am guided by a deep intuition and knowing that your inner being IS whole and healthy. My deepest intent is to help you feel calm and empowered.  I live and breathe the service I provide.  It is my soul—it’s a heart-centered business to me. You will receive my soul and expertise when we meet via the telephone or online. We can even meet in person a few times, if you desire.

Breakthrough limiting beliefs and release your anxious habit. Thoughts are just thoughts. You do not need to give them power. Just because you think something, doesn’t mean it is true or real. It is not you. And, most importantly, it doesn’t own or control you. It is simply a fleeting thought in time. It appears and then fades away and a new thought replaces it. All you need is to change your relationship with your thoughts. You do not need incredible will power to overcome it, since there is nothing to overcome. Thoughts are fleeting. Thoughts are in a flow. They are not truth or factual. And, they certainly are not you, nor do they control you. Once you change your relationship with your thoughts, you transcend anxiety. You will achieve results that will allow you to experience a calm mind, empowered thinking, and the ability to live the life you desire….free at last from crippling anxiety!

What makes my work unique and effective is that I leverage therapeutic techniques and guide you in understanding simple concepts about how your mind works ALONG with important neurofeedback information—physiological information collected to help improve your emotional clarity, promote a greater sense of well-being, and reduce your anxiety level. We use an advanced heart rate monitor to provide the neurofeedback information. The information gathered helps to harness the power of your mind, while allowing you to become aware of what’s going on with your body. The combination of techniques used in this program will provide you with the ability to gain more control over your health and free you from your anxiety issues.

When I was diagnosed with anxiety, after 35 years of living with it and not knowing I even HAD anxiety, I did not know what well-being meant, let alone how it would feel. I was so accustomed to the body sensations of anxiety and I thought those sensations were my normal state, my “well-being”. If I wasn’t having a panic attack or intrusive fearful thoughts, then I felt ok. I did not know that my episodes of racing heart, sick feelings in my stomach, jitters, and a sense of doom were not normal. I actually thought I was “feeling well”. I had no reference point for wellness. I did not know what it meant to feel well or healthy. You cannot know what you don’t know. You need an awareness. Thus, it’s helpful to have a baseline reference for the state of well-being. Neuro-feedback provides this knowledge with immediate mind-body information. When we combine this information along with evidence-based, proven techniques, your recovery begins. Your relationship and habit of anxiety is changed. You transcend your anxiety.

When you work with me, you will experience my compassion, my belief in your innate wholeness, and you will benefit from the synergy of soul and best practices for recovery. Our program is deep and trans-formative.  Anxiety is a symptom that something has led you away from your inherent wellness. We uncover the source of disconnect and provide tools for regaining your radiant energy and powerful wholeness. Your transformation will be most effective and grounded in long-term wellness. I do not believe in offering a quick, short-term fix. However, improvements have been noticed with 2 weeks of intentional practice when utilizing our unique blend of techniques.  Qualities such as:

More calmInner peaceMore awarenessBetter focusLess worry

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Coaching Package Options:

EXPERT Level – 3 Month Program

What it includes:

✓ One private, 50 minute call with Cori each week (12 weeks). We will develop your healthy mindset, release fear, and implement techniques for you to transcend your anxiety.

Instructional Practice (IP) each week. The IP is the heart of the program.  It is here that you practice and adopt your new healthy habits and leave behind the old, the anxiety habit.

35 recorded video lessons with access 24/7 for the 12 weeks.  The video lessons are rich, powerful, and will take you away from anxiety and to your desired life.  You will be amazed with the wealth of transformative information and support you will receive from these impactful, mostly 10 minute long, video sessions!

✓ Each week, usually Mondays, Cori releases a recorded call with relevant content to all of her members.  You have access.

Each week, usually Thursdays, Cori releases a recorded Q&A call.  During this recording, Cori answers questions emailed to her regarding that week’s content call.  You have access.

Access to a private, invitation only Facebook group where other Expert and Master Level members can interact, share and support each other.

MASTER Level – 12 Month Program

All items in the 12-week Expert Level are included in 48-week Master Level.
Additional bonus items for Master Level participants:

48 weeks with one 50 minute call per week

75+ recorded video lessons and Instructional Practice Exercises

LIFETIME ACCESS to the “video vault” and all updates!

Direct email and text access to Cori

VIP Access to Cori’s yearly retreat (travel, meals, and lodging not included).  If you are unable to attend, we will film/record sessions for you to access, at no cost.

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