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Transcend Anxiety, a specialized program guiding you through the fear and bewilderment of anxiety and panic, is a collaborative effort developed by Cori Read and Mary Thomas.

Meet Cori Read

Cori Read is an educator, international speaker, Tony Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach student, certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and a developer of programs that guide people to change their lives by shifting their thoughts. Cori’s most recent endeavor is “Transcend Anxiety”, a program that is already changing the lives of people who suffer from anxiety and panic.

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Meet Mary Thomas L.I.C.S.W.

Mary Thomas is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has over 25 years counseling and psychotherapy experience. Mary has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults with anxiety and eating disorders. Mary brings a great deal of integrity to her work and is passionate about life-long learning and personal growth.

Cori worked with me on managing my anxiety and overcoming some personal struggles during a time in my life when several major life changes were taking place. Her calming nature and positive outlook is contagious and her passion and knowledge can be seen in everything she does. I remember the overwhelming feeling I would have after leaving every conversation with Corinne of being calmer, happier, energized and with a clear mind to tackle my goals. Thanks to my time with Cori and the skills she taught me, I got through a personally challenging time with clarity of mind and was able to persevere to achieve all of my goals.  I carry all I have learned from Cori with me today and I am forever grateful for the positive impact she made on my life.


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